Hundreds of Donors Support Bitcoin Developers’ Right to Build

The Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund has raised donations from hundreds of individual supporters around the globe. 


Last week, 11 Bitcoin developers targeted in a lawsuit by Tulip Trading, a firm owned by Craig Wright, filed their substantive defence in that case with the support of the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund. 

Since the announcement of the defence filing, we’ve been humbled by the response from the Bitcoin community. Over the past week, the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund has received hundreds of donations from supporters around the world. 

The Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund was created to alleviate the substantial financial burdens faced by these developers and we need your help to deliver on our mission. Your continued support is critical to help fight these attacks on Bitcoin and open source software development more broadly. 

We invite individuals and organizations from across the crypto community to join us in our ongoing efforts to defend the legal rights of software developers working on Bitcoin. Whether you are a developer, an investor, or simply believe in basic human rights like the freedom of speech, we need your support. Together, we can build a brighter future for Bitcoin, the wider crypto ecosystem, and the world.


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