Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund

Legal Defense By The Bitcoin Community, For The Bitcoin Community

About us

The Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund was founded in 2021 as a non-profit foundation to support Bitcoin developers and protect the Bitcoin ecosystem. We help developers find and retain defense counsel, craft litigation strategy, and pay their legal bills. Our first initiative was to take over coordinating the defense of a dozen Bitcoin developers who are being sued personally by “Tulip Trading Ltd.”, a Seychelles-based holding company created by Craig S. Wright. As its second initiative, the BLDF has recently taken on the defense of over a dozen Bitcoin developers who are being sued personally by “Craig S. Wright, Wright International & Others”.  

Who we are

Jack Dorsey

Jack is the founder of Block and a leading Bitcoin advocate. He has supported work on several Bitcoin projects including Nostr, TBD, and Spiral.

Alex Morcos

Alex is the co-founder of Chaincode Labs, a research lab dedicated to advancing the field of bitcoin and related technologies.

Martin White

Martin is the head of litigation at Block with deep experience working on fintech issues, regulatory responses, crypto, IP disputes, and more.

Jess Jonas

Jess is BLDF’s Chief Legal Officer. She runs the day-to-day operations of the Fund and is responsible for helping formulate the Fund’s legal strategy and managing the Fund’s team of advocates.

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