Law360: Bitcoin ‘Creator’ Loses Bid To Block Evidence In£4.5B Claim

“Bitcoin’s “inventor” failed on Wednesday to block evidence used by 10 developers to support their allegation he is fraudulently suing them for£4.5 billion ($5.4 billion) of the cryptocurrency he claims he is trying to retrieve after being hacked.

High Court Judge James Mellor refused an attempt by Craig Wright, who says he is the pseudonymous cryptocurrency creator Satoshi Nakamoto, to block parts of a witness statement that refers to legal and quasi-legal findings, rejecting the computer scientist’s argument that it was an “unsubtle attempt to vex” him.

Tulip had asked Judge Mellor to throw out passages from a written statement to the court by Enyo Law LLP partner Tim Elliss that referred to alleged judicial findings from courts in Australia, the United States, Norway, and the U.K., along with an Australian Tax Office investigation. The witness statement was made to support a bid for a preliminary trial to determine whether Tulip Trading owns the relevant bitcoin and whether the claim was made fraudulently — which would mean it could be dismissed as an abuse of process.

“The fact that so many different judges in different jurisdictions have formed such a consistent view of Dr. Wright’s dishonesty and propensity for forgery and fabrication is damning and plainly relevant,” Elliss said in the statement, according to the judgment.

Judge Mellor ruled that the passages should be kept in the statement because it would not breacha rule established in the 1943 case Hollington v. Hewthorn that factual findings by earliertribunals cannot be used in later civil proceedings as they are considered to be opinion evidence. Judge Mellor said he was swayed by arguments from Sebastian Isaac KC of
One Essex Court ,counsel for the developers, who had said the judgments could be admitted as evidence that thereis a “genuine issue” for the court to consider.

“For most of the hearing I confess I was inclined to accede to [Tulip Trading’s] application and strike out the [passages], not only on the ground of inadmissibility but also irrelevance,” Judge Mellor said. “However, having reflected…the stronger [Isaac’s] case on ownership and fraud is, the greater the reason to order a preliminary issue.”

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Law360: Bitcoin ‘Creator’ Tries To Block Evidence In £4.5B Claim

“Bitcoin’s self-proclaimed “inventor” sought to throw out evidence used by 10 developers of the cryptocurrency in English legal proceedings to support their allegation he is fraudulently suing them for £4.5 billion ($5.4 billion) of bitcoin he is trying to get back after being allegedly hacked.

Dr. Craig Wright, who asserts he is the pseudonymous creator of the cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto, urged High Court Judge James Mellor to throw out parts of a witness statement relied on by the cryptocurrency developers that refer to legal and quasi-legal findings because they are irrelevant or are not used properly.

Tulip is bidding to strike out passages in a written statement to the court that rely on alleged judicial findings from courts in Australia, the U.S., Norway, and the High Court, along with quasi-judicial findings of the Australian Tax Office, according to Tulip’s written argument.

Sebastian Isaac, the defendants’ counsel, argued that his clients were entitled to rely on the evidence for their argument that Wright is prima facie knowingly suing them for dishonest reasons while relying on forged documents.

“In most cases that would not be a prospect, because the claimant is not someone with a long track record of fraud and forgery,” Isaac said. “Dr Wright (and therefore Tulip Trading) know that they are not and have never been the owners of the digital assets,” Isaac added in court filings. “This claim is pursued deliberately on the basis of that falsehood in order to seek to use legal proceedings before this court as a means of grabbing an enticing US$4.5 billion pot.”

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CoinDesk: Craig Wright Will Be Able to Fight Bitcoin Copyright Claim in UK After Winning Appeal

“Whether Wright is indeed Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto will be determined at a trial slated to begin in January 2024. In a case heard in Oslo last year, multiple witnesses offered forensic evidence that documents supplied by Wright purporting to back up his claim to be Nakomoto contain discrepancies, such as fonts that weren’t available at the time.

The issues about copyright protection “will be decided at a full trial, but only if Dr. Wright first demonstrates that he is Satoshi Nakamoto in a trial of only that issue in early 2024,” the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund statement said. The Defense Fund also cautioned that “the fact that the UK courts are allowing his arguments … sets a dangerous precedent where developers can be sued for violating the file format of open source software that someone else claims to have created.””

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Unchained: Are Bitcoin Developers Under Attack?

In this Premium Interview, Unchained’s Laura Shin talks with Jessica Jonas, the chief legal officer of the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit backed by Jack Dorsey, Alex Morcos, Martin White, and Jonas herself.

A seasoned American lawyer, Jonas delves into the controversial lawsuits lodged by Craig Wright in the UK against Bitcoin core developers, who are on trial for their working on the software.

The discussion explores far more than Bitcoin-related legal disputes; it unearths a wider issue threatening the open-source community. Jonas warns that if Wright emerges victorious in court, this could destabilize the fundamental principles of open-source licenses. This ripple effect could deter global developers and disrupt the continued innovation and functioning of technology leaning heavily on open-source software.

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Pomp Podcast: Bitcoin Under Attack In UK Court

Host Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano talks to the most interesting people in business, finance, and Bitcoin. In this episode, Pompliano sits down for a conversation with  Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund chief legal officer Jess Jonas to discuss the fund’s work defending 13 bitcoin developers across two court cases in the United Kingdom. In this conversation, Jonas breaks down what is going on in those court cases, why this is so important for bitcoin development & open source software, and then she describes how you can get involved to support their work.

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Cantilever Podcast: Interview with BLDF Chief Legal Officer Jess Jonas

Cantilever Advisors is building a Bitcoin-native investment platform with the goal of providing broad exposure to the best entrepreneurs building in the Bitcoin ecosystem. For their 14th episode, Cantilever spoke with  Jess Jonas, Chief Legal Officer of the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund about the work the non-profit is doing to support Bitcoin developers, protect the Bitcoin ecosystem, and ultimately, defend open-source software.

Listen to the full episode on the Cantilever website. Jack Dorsey-Backed Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund Supports Open Source Developers in Lawsuit With Craig Wright

“Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund (BLDF) recently delivered on its promise to fund the legal costs of 11 Bitcoin developers that are the target of the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright’s lawsuit. According to Alex Morcos, the ‘mission [of BLDF] is to safeguard innovation by shielding developers from legal intimidation’….


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TechCrunch: How Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund is fighting for the future of open source software

“A crypto wallet theft lawsuit brought about by a man who claims to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto could jeopardize the future of open source software development.

That’s according to the Jack Dorsey-backed Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund, which is taking on a case to defend 11 Bitcoin developers named in a lawsuit filed by Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist who emerged into the spotlight back in 2016 with a hotly disputed claim of being Bitcoin’s founding father.

The crux of the case in question dates back to 2021 when Wright, through a Seychelles-based firm called Tulip Trading, launched a so-called “letter before action” against 16 Bitcoin software developers, in an attempt to regain access to £4 billion ($5 billion) worth of Bitcoin he claims to own….”


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Law360: Bitcoin ‘Inventor’s’ £4.5B Crypto Claim Fraudulent, Devs Say

“A group of bitcoin developers has accused the self-proclaimed ‘inventor’ of the cryptocurrency of falsely claiming to be the owner of around £4.5 billion ($5.6 billion) of bitcoin he is trying to get back after being hacked, by suing the group.

In its defense filed in the High Court on Wednesday, a group of 10 developers said Dr. Craig Wright, who claims to be the creator of the cryptocurrency, has presented fake proof of ownership of the digital assets.

The developers also suggested that the Australian computer scientist’s story about losing access to the bitcoin in a hack is untrue. They said that Wright’s lawsuit, brought by his company Tulip Trading Ltd., is ‘fraudulent’ and ‘an abuse of the court’s process’….


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Fortune: Jack Dorsey is the hero that crypto—and the internet—needs right now

“A crypto-loving social media billionaire is flexing his influence again, and I’m not talking about Elon Musk. Instead, I’m thinking of Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Block and the cofounder of Twitter, which Musk is rapidly running into the ground.

Dorsey has occupied many roles over the years, including fashion influencer. But his latest one is legal champion for the Bitcoin community. That was on display this month in a London court where Dorsey is footing the bill for the defense of Bitcoin developers who are being sued by Craig Wright, who has for years falsely claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto…”


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