Decrypt: ‘Has Craig Wright Finally Given Up His Campaign to Claim Bitcoin Was His Idea?’

“In what may be the end of a decade-long odyssey, self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin, Dr. Craig Wright, has dropped his lawsuit against 12 Bitcoin developers in the Tulip Trading Limited v. Bitcoin Association for BSV & Others case, the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund said on Wednesday.

“Thanks to the generous donors who propped up the millions of GBP this case [cost], in spite of its obvious nonsensical nature,” Matt Corallo, who identified himself as one of 10 contributors to Bitcoin Core, said on Twitter. “All the folks who donated to [The Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund] and [Jack Dorsey] and [Alex Morcos]for their specific support.”

The news comes after UK High Court Judge James Mellor declared that Wright was not Satoshi Nakamoto and did not write the Bitcoin whitepaper, in March.”

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