Forbes: ‘Craig Wright Is Not Satoshi’

“In a definitive ruling at the Rolls Building, part of the Royal Courts of Justice in London, the case of Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance vs. Craig Wright reached a decisive conclusion.

After the closing statements, Mr Justice Mellor informed the London Court that Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of bitcoin. This judgment marks the end of Wright’s long-standing claim to Satoshi’s identity and as the author of the Bitcoin Whitepaper.

During the trial, Wright’s cross-examination brought more questions than answers, with Hough often referring to Wright’s responses as ‘another work of fiction’ and ‘a pack of lies.’ Gunning’s reference to ‘Wright’s nemesis – the unsigned integer’ was just one of the many instances where they effectively dismantled the absurdity of Wright’s defense.

This now casts a spotlight on other legal conflicts, involving Peter McCormack, Hodlonaut, and the Bitcoin Core Developers, whose cases were regularly referenced during the trials.”

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