CoinDesk: ‘Craig Wright Admits to Editing Bitcoin White Paper Presented in COPA Trial’

“The trial to prove whether or not Wright is the anonymous creator of the bitcoin white paper completed its third week. COPA wants to prove that Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto is a lie afforded by “industrial style forgeries,” and the bitcoin developers lawyer Alexander Gunning is helping them.

On Friday, Gunning showed that Wright made edits to the bitcoin whitepaper in his “LaTeX files,” which Wright agreed was accurate. Wright said the edits were simply a demonstration for his representatives at Shoosmiths (his law firm).

“You were not showing this to anyone, we know the times you were showing this to Shoosmiths, you were doing it for yourself,” Gunning said.

“What you are doing is tweaking parameters.. to get them to fit ” the layout of the bitcoin whitepaper, Gunning added. The file was uploaded as recently as November 2023, Gunning said.

Gunning ended his questioning by asking: “Your claim to be Satoshi Nakomoto is a fraudulent claim isn’t it?” which Wright disputed.”

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