CoinDesk: ‘Craig Wright Should Pay Plaintiffs’ Legal Bill After Found Posing as Satoshi, COPA Says’

“The Crypto Open Patent Alliance’s (COPA) legal representatives on Friday asked Judge James Mellor to grant that Craig Wright pay 85% of the costs the group incurred in the legal proceedings.

Jonathan Hough, one of COPA’s legal representatives, asked that Wright be given a civil restraint order to stop him from pursuing any other legal court cases, because “he has poured out threats.” COPA also offered to submit a list of online posts that Wright should take down.

Hough said that this case should also be put forward for criminal proceedings following the courts judgement that Wright committed multiple forgeries during the trial. The Bitcoin developers who joined this case also asked that Wright pay for 85.2% of their costs.

Unless Wright was prevented from doing so, he would continue to “propagate lies,” Hough argued.

“There is a powerful public interest in them [lies] being brought to an end now,” Hough said, pointing to the litigation that spanned more than five years that Wright had brought against COPA members such as Coinbase Inc. (COIN) and Kraken, among others.”

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