CoinDesk: ‘Craig Wright Witness Defends Saying Headed for ‘Train Wreck’ With COPA Trial’

“‘We’re heading into a f***ing train wreck.’

That’s how Stefan Matthews, a witness for Craig Wright, described the U.K. trial probing the latter’s claims that he invented the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

Matthews, the co-founder of tech company nChain – where Wright was chief scientist – had to defend that January message when he took the stand on Monday along with two other witnesses for Wright as the third week of trial kicked off.

Under oath, Matthews said he was referring only to how “uncooperative Craig was in his strategy and plan” for the trial and insisted he didn’t think Wright was a “fake.”

Before Matthews took the stand on Monday, David Bridges, CIO of Qudos Bank, who met Wright in 2006, and Wright’s cousin Max Lynam participated by video link. Both admitted that key events or conversations that convinced them Wright was Satoshi took place years ago and without material proof to back them up.”

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