CoinDesk: ‘Time to End Craig Wright’s Harassment Campaign Against Bitcoin Devs’

Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary Paul Grewal wrote an op-ed for Coindesk’s Consensus Magazine on behalf of the Crypto Open Patent Alliance arguing that Wright’s “baseless litigations against crypto developers…is a a drain on the talent and spirit of the crypto economy as a whole and needs to stop–now.”

“For years, Craig Wright has wielded the power of litigation as a weapon against anyone questioning his Satoshi claim. Through numerous lawsuits and scorched-earth litigation tactics for the few who were able to afford to put forward a defense at all, he has sought to financially drain and emotionally distress his opponents. This includes the entire Bitcoin developer community, many of whom contribute to the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem without any expectation of financial reward.

Wright’s harassment is not limited to court cases alone. He has also sent sinister messages to developers threatening use the legal system to ruin their lives and their families’ security and livelihood. Hardworking individuals have also been forced to abandon important Bitcoin development work due to reasonable fears of litigation they can’t afford to fight, or worries for themselves and loved ones in the face of Wright’s demonstrated willingness to inflict deep personal hurt through coercion.”

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