El Pais: ‘The only man who claims credit for the invention of Bitcoin goes to trial’

“COPA states that [Wright] has never provided any authentic evidence and accuses him of repeatedly altering documents. Wright blames others, including former lawyers and partners, for the forgeries.

COPA’s lawyer, Jonathan Hough, noted at trial that “there are elements of Dr. Wright’s conduct that stray into farce,” such as the alleged use of ChatGPT for the forgeries. COPA claims, for instance, that one text contains a manipulated timestamp, with numbers in visibly different fonts to make it appear to predate the Bitcoin white paper. Wright response was: “If I forged that document, it would be perfect.”

In 2019, Wright stated he created Bitcoin with Dave Kleiman and Hal Finney. The former had sued him in Florida in 2018 over rights to Bitcoin worth more than $5 billion, alleging that Wright had defrauded him in of the currency and intellectual property rights. In 2019, a judge ruled that Kleiman owned half of the Bitcoin he mined with Wright between 2009 and 2013, and ordered him to transfer half of the company’s intellectual property, but it did not address the issue of whether Wright was Satoshi Nakamoto or not. “The story defies common sense and real-life experience,” the judge declared.

Wright, however, believes that this and other sentences against him are actually arguments in favor of his main claim. He also defends himself with the argument that no one else has claimed to be Nakamoto.”

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