CoinDesk: ‘Craig Wright “Committed Perjury” in U.K. Trial Over Satoshi Claims, COPA Says’

A crypto alliance accusing Craig Wright of committing forgeries in attempting to prove he’d invented Bitcoin plans to ask U.K. prosecutors to consider if the computer scientist perjured himself during an ongoing trial.

“Following the evidence in this trial, it is clearer than ever – clear beyond doubt – that Dr. Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto . He did not write the Bitcoin white paper, produce the Bitcoin code or implement the Bitcoin system,” COPA Counsel Jonathan Hough said.

Wright was accused by COPA and a group of Bitcoin developers of committing forgeries in his attempts to prove he was Satoshi. On Tuesday, COPA also accused Wright of being a “dishonest witness” and attempting “very serious fraud” while testifying in court.

COPA said emails concerning Wright’s former lawyers submitted to the court during the trial (that Wright later defended were “spoofed” by unnamed bad actors) and admissions that he edited the Bitcoin white paper as recently as November 2023 are “vivid emblems” of his lies.

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