City AM: ‘London Bitcoin trial: Self-proclaimed creator “lied on an extraordinary scale”‘

The London Bitcoin trial is coming to an end as a senior barrister told the High Court today that throughout, Craig Wright attempted a “very serious fraud upon the court”.

Crypto Open Patent Alliance’s barrister Hough KC of 4 New Square Chambers was speaking to the court today outlining his closing arguments to the judge.

In his written submissions, he stated that “Wright has been shown to have lied on an extraordinary scale, and it is difficult to think of a precedent for what he has done.”

The barrister wrote “even when the extent of [Wright] dishonesty and forgery was exposed to him in cross examination, he doubled down, forging further documents during the trial, blaming a litany of characters, asserting implausible technical excuses and suggesting a vast and ever growing conspiracy to frame him, all in an effort to evade his own responsibility”.

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