CoinDesk: ‘Craig Wright to Face New Allegations of Forgery in COPA Trial Over Ontier Emails’

“After Wright made a reference last week to some emails between him and his former legal representatives at Ontier, his current lawyers were compelled to submit those emails to evidence. An inconsistency forced them to check with Ontier on the accuracy of the correspondence submitted by Wright’s wife Ramona Watts. Ontier then responded the emails appeared to be “not genuine.”

COPA is set to put the new allegations of forgery to Wright on Friday.

Counsel for both COPA and Wright this week tried to undermine expert witnesses for the other party, particularly questioning their “independence.” Wright’s team on Monday questioned COPA expert witness Patrick Madden on why he’d enlisted the help of COPA’s counsel at Bird & Bird LLP to organize the findings of his investigation into Wright’s claims instead of seeking independent help. On Wednesday, the COPA camp, in turn, asked Wright’s expert witness ZeMing Gao, who has authored multiple essays asserting Wright is Satoshi, whether he was truly an objective expert.

In addition to Gao, cryptography and security expert Sarah Meiklejohn took the stand for COPA on Wednesday to defend – among other things – her findings indicating key cryptographic signings Wright did as proof he’s Satoshi may have been inadequate.”

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