Forbes: ‘Craig Wright’s Own Legal Team Expose More Potential Forgeries’

“In the latest update in the trial of COPA vs Craig Wright, a significant development arose regarding Wright’s claim as Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of bitcoin. During the trial on Monday, as part of a mandatory disclosure, Wright’s solicitors provided the court with potentially forged documents. The disclosure was part of evidence presented by Wright’s former solicitors from Ontier Law, whom Wright had previously dismissed.

On Monday afternoon, Wright’s lawyers revealed further documents, suggesting another potential fraud attempt by Wright. These documents, screenshots of the Mind Your Own Business software, were scrutinized on Friday. COPA’s representative, Jonathan Hough, examined them for financial record inaccuracies, focusing on alleged backdated documents. Hough challenged Wright’s assertion that a MYOB update caused these inaccuracies, accusing Wright of presenting a “pack of lies”.”

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